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Erica Pinto Hand Lettering - Brush Calligraphy - Uppercase Workbook

‘Brush Calligraphy – Uppercase Workbook’ is a printable 14-page workbook created for anyone who would like to learn how to create beautiful uppercase letters with a brush pen. This workbook covers uppercase letters only. If you are interested in learning lowercase letters, please refer to 'Brush Calligraphy - Beginner Workbook,' in my Etsy store.

The topics covered in this workbook include:
- Introduction
- Warm Up
- Uppercase Alphabet Exemplar
- Uppercase Alphabet Practice Pages
- Sample Words
- Blank Guidelines
- Brush Calligraphy Tips

This workbook includes a set of warm up strokes and the uppercase alphabet (exemplar and practice pages). Once you are comfortable with the individual uppercase letters, you can combine them with lowercase letters to form words and names! A set of sample words are provided for you to trace. A set of blank guidelines is also included at the end of the workbook for you to use as needed.


These workbooks are downloadable files only, meaning you will not receive anything physical in the mail.

*Please note there are NO REFUNDS as this is a digital download. Feel free to contact me with any questions prior to purchase. This workbook is not intended for duplication or distribution and is intended for personal use only. Purchaser agrees to abide by all copyright laws upon purchase.

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